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Sorry I’ve been absent, but this past week has been crazy busy. My fiance just graduated from the Air Force Academy, so we were all scrambling around trying to get everything done. 

Updates will resume on Saturday! Thanks everyone!

Saturday Six Word Challenge

Hi all! Here is your six word challenge. I just wanted to thank everyone who is following this blog. It’s still a very young blog, and this has been an enlightening endeavor, so it means a lot that people are interested in my thoughts. As a side note, things are starting to get really crazy in my life with my wedding, and moving out of state, so I will try and make the post as consistent as possible, but life might get in the way. 


Often times I am too wordy! 

Happy Reading! 🙂

Rift, my new story draft is up!

This will be edited throughout the evening as I figure out how to make the story a separate link.

Thanks for your understanding. I am not technologically adept. When it is fully uploaded, click here to read the story!

Summary: Another WWII story, this is based off of my grandfather’s experience, and I will remain as  historically accuracy as I understand.  Thanks!

Update: Link added! Check out the full story!

Read it here!

How Movies Support or Reject the Books They Are Based Upon

I think this is one of those issues that people love to argue about, and you either agree or disagree that movies help/ruin the books they try to portray. As someone who reads a great deal I have certainly seen many of my favorite books turned into movies. People tend to argue that movies lose an essential depth that we find in the books, and that is certainly true, but those people are like me and have read the book before seeing the movie. Not all people are passionate readers, so if those people like the movie adaptation, then decide to read the book, how is that so bad? Arguably, the visual aspect of the film can help accentuate parts of the book that might not have been clear. For people who tend to be more visual learners, books-turned-movies certainly have an appeal for that reason.

For that reason I am a bit on the fence on which side I associate with regarding this argument. If the movie makes people turn to the book then it has a powerful impact on those people who don’t read very often. It may open up entirely new windows they didn’t know existed. Certainly, I would rather people understand the power of literature without having to be hooked by the movie first, but the world is not designed in such a manner.

gatsby culture

Using The Great Gatsby that just came out as an example of a well done adaptation I saw people walking out the theatre saying that they would be interested in reading the book. There is a prime example of how the movie revitalizes the power of the novel. I think Fitzgerald is fantastic without the seemingly needed adaptations, but I’m also someone who has read more than just The Great Gatsby. One thing that this film adaptation did fantastically well was that they kept true to the final lines of the book:

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

             The final moment that we are left with as readers or audience members is the most crucial moment within the entire piece, because it wraps together all of the loose strings that the author has been dealing with throughout the novel. Personally, if you mess up that last line in an adaptation I think the entire thing loses a great deal of its integrity. This Gatsby, although some of the dramatic writing across the screen was a bit much, really left you with a final feeling that encompassed the true feeling of the novel.

A bad example of a book turned movie (for those who think I’m being too soft) was the movie Cloud Atlas adapted from the novel of the same name written by David Mitchell. Now, granted Mitchell is a modernist in his writing, and even the novel takes more than one reading to come to semblance of understanding to the depth of his intention, and that should have been a red flag to the producers of the movie. The novel jumps time, space, reality, and gender to create the dramatic ending.

This was not a movie that you should have gone to without reading the book. If anything, coming out of that movie might have scared you away from the novel because it does not even begin to encompass the depth that Mitchell achieves in his writing. The movie left you with a feeling of slight understanding, but many questions.

cloud atlas book cover

The book? Catharsis. Pure and simple. I think I sat staring at the last sentence for about two minutes before I could think I was so moved by the power of those last words:

“My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?” 

Perhaps that’s something of what it means to be a passionate reader. I read books, eagerly awaiting that final line that will reveal to me something about my world and how I look at it. Sometimes movies miss that power, and sometimes they come close, but they never seem to fully grasp it.

So what side are you on? I have tried to be honest and look at both sides, but I will always think that people need to take that plunge into novels that make you cry, make you angry, and leave you feeling different from when you started. Such is the blessing of that overwhelming desire to read; because it feeds one’s soul.

Photo: The Great Gatsby. Courtesy of www.openculture.com.

Photo: Cloud Atlas. Courtesy of www.npr.org.

Why Bookshelves are Awesome!

I’m sure many of us have more books than they can keep track of (guilty), but someone thought it would be awesome to find neat ways to display our nerdyness. Thank you genius person. I think that being able to display the books we love is great. For anyone who hasn’t heard of the website bookshelfporn.com I highly suggest everyone checks it out. Have free time? Want to waste some time? Look up awesome ways to display your books! Great idea. The internet is great for bringing together book lovers everywhere.


This excitement is fueled by the fact that I have just started to look for my first apartment, and I’m so excited to figure out how I’m going to be able to have all my books with me in a 500 something square foot apartment. With a husband. And a cat. Oh boy. Am I in a little over my head? Sure! Do I still think I can fit approximately 5oo odd books into this apartment? Of course! Maybe in packing them all up I’ll get an actual count of how many books I actually possess. Will there be haphazard piles of books everywhere? You bet. It will be amazing! Think of all the ways you can make unique book shelves to store everything! So excited! That would certainly be an adventure!

This looks pretty much like Heaven, huh?

Happy Reading everyone!

Photo Courtesy of bookshelfporn.com via http://teachingliteracy.tumblr.com/post/4124931224…

Saturday Six Word Challenge!

I’m in Seattle today! Looking for a new apartment, which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time. It’ll be my first, and I intend to make it home for the next year and a half!

Anyhow: I love the sound of rain!

Have a great day, everyone!

Intellectually awesome…or just a nerd who likes pens?

ImageAs an English major who has just graduated with her Bachelors I decided that I would get myself something literature-y (yes I just made that word up) to celebrate the effort I’ve put into the last four years. Of course, books would be on the top of most English majors’ list, and yes I did go out the very next day and buy all the books that I hadn’t had the chance to read while in  school. No shame what so ever. And yet, I’ve always wanted a super nice pen that I could use for my writing.

This is the writer in me who would rather spend more time hand writing out my work than typing it on a computer. I think typing takes away some of the soul. It takes away some of the sense that what we read was written by another person out there in the world. At least, that’s my opinion. So, in honor of my dream to be a writer (famous or not) I will buy myself a nice pen that writes really smooth, but doesn’t bleed onto the other pages, and it will be glorious.

I’m kind of a pen nerd. Kind of a book nerd. Let’s just say it’s exciting to be literature-y passionate!

Happy reading and writing!

Image courtesy of: en.wikipedia.org

Because Others Might Understand: P.T.S.D.

She can’t explain the sudden fits of rage and despair
She can’t explain the feelings of hopelessness that have gripped her for the past three years

She can’t tell her family, although she’s tried, but they just brush it off as normal stress
Stress of school
Stress of moving
But that is nothing compared to the stress of simply making it from day to day

The day to day interactions with her family
A family who doesn’t understand what she’s feeling
They don’t understand that she cannot control her emotions.
The roller coaster that has become her life

So what other ways can she express her rage?
How? Everyone simply thinks she’ll get over these issues.
She won’t.
She wants them to leave her alone. She wants them to understand without having to break the chain she’s placed on her emotions.
She’s locked then down so tight she hardly feels anything anymore
It’s just a numbness that makes it easier to function.

But she’s so completely over the despair. The rage needs to be finished. The flashbacks need to be finished.
She needs her life back. She’s begging to have her life back.
She wants herself back.



This post today was to spread awareness that not only service men and women can be diagnosed with PTSD. It is something that many  other people suffer, and regardless of how you came to be diagnosed with it, it is a struggle on a daily basis and it is very hard to feel like your life has any worth left. I do have moments of hope where I think we can get better. Keep trying.

Why I Disagree With Critics Of The New Gatsby Film

Nailed it. I also agree with the “four out of five martini glasses” rating.

101 Books

I missed the boat.

I missed the boat filled with people who believe the new Gatsby movie sucked. That ship sailed and I wasn’t on it. I don’t know what’s up with those people.

In this post, I’ll explain why I disagree with most critics on The Great Gatsby movie. The film has been critically panned, receiving 49% on Rotten Tomatoes. I’ve read several recurring arguments online, and I want to take a look at each of those.

As a reminder, I’ve read the Gatsby novel five times. It’s my favorite book, and if a director did a crappy job of putting Fitzgerald’s story on screen, I would be more than happy to ridicule said director.

In this case, I think Baz Luhrmann did a (mostly) excellent job of making this classic novel into a Hollywood film. But let’s take a look at what some of his critics are…

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We Must Celebrate Ourselves, and Sing Ourselves: What Whitman Can Teach Us.

For anyone who has not read Walt Whitman I certainly encourage you to do so, especially “Song of Myself”, which is my favorite of his works. I think that “Song of Myself” is something that everyone can relate to because it encompasses such a wide range of topics and emotions. Ralph Waldo Emerson applauded Whitman for his work because he was able to encompass such emotion and acceptance within the work.


Want to hear about nudity? Done. Old people? Done. Sex? It’s in there. Whitman’s own overconfidence? Check. Nothing was off the table.

The diversity of his topics, and the boldness in which he discusses them is rather astonishing the first time reading “Song of Myself”, but Whitman has a purpose. He encouraged each person to live up to their own potential, and not worry so much about the success of others.

“I resist any thing better than my own diversity,

Breathe the air but leave plenty after me,

And am not stuck up, and am in my place.”

Whitman’s claim to be diverse was prominent within his life time, but it still holds true to our society today. With the bombardment of social media telling us how to think, what to wear, and how to feel, it is sometime difficult to separate how we really feel, with what society wants us to feel. That said, we do have an astonishingly large amount of diversity compared to what Whitman faced when he first published “Song of Myself” in the 19th century. I think he would be proud of the movements we have made towards acceptance of thoughts and beliefs not our own, but I think he would also see that there is still much to do.

And that starts with us. By accepting our own diversity we free ourselves to being open to other ways of thinking. Whitman understood this, and he pushed this type of thinking within “Song of Myself”. We must celebrate our selves, and sing ourselves, so that we can come to accept who we are, and accept the diversity within the world around us.

What is greater than our diversity? We have molded the world into a myriad of cultures and beliefs that sometime have trouble seeing eye to eye, but if we were all the same where would the wonder be about learning new things? What would be the point of studying new cultures and languages if we new everything right from the beginning. Our diversity opens new doors every day, and to every new generation. So, in siding with Whitman’s “hippie” sentiments, it is time to accept our differences, celebrate ourselves, and sing it to the world, because nothing could be better than accepting each other for our differences, and seeing the gift that it has the potential to be.

Photo Courtesy of: www.english.illinois.edu