My new Gatsby!










So, this is my new/old copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s works. It was published by Viking Portable Library in 1945. I’ve been drooling over this book for months. It was at Gallagher Books in Denver, which is an absolutely fantastic place that sells rare, antique, and collectible books. Thank goodness it was expensive enough that most people probably balked at buying it, but there is something rather special about this copy. The introduction, written by John O’Hara, was a good friend of Fitzgerald, and has insight into the pieces that were selected for this compilation.

I’m about fifty pages into Gatsby as of last night, and while I have read it before, I must say that it still holds some excitement in reading it again. I read it high school, which I’m sure we all did, but now having a few years, and a lot more reading, under my belt, I think that a different feel to it now.

Anyhow, this post done for one of two reasons. I really wanted to show everyone my new book! And, because The Great Gatsby comes out in theatres on Friday! I know I’m going to see it!

Happy Reading!




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