Intellectually awesome…or just a nerd who likes pens?

ImageAs an English major who has just graduated with her Bachelors I decided that I would get myself something literature-y (yes I just made that word up) to celebrate the effort I’ve put into the last four years. Of course, books would be on the top of most English majors’ list, and yes I did go out the very next day and buy all the books that I hadn’t had the chance to read while in  school. No shame what so ever. And yet, I’ve always wanted a super nice pen that I could use for my writing.

This is the writer in me who would rather spend more time hand writing out my work than typing it on a computer. I think typing takes away some of the soul. It takes away some of the sense that what we read was written by another person out there in the world. At least, that’s my opinion. So, in honor of my dream to be a writer (famous or not) I will buy myself a nice pen that writes really smooth, but doesn’t bleed onto the other pages, and it will be glorious.

I’m kind of a pen nerd. Kind of a book nerd. Let’s just say it’s exciting to be literature-y passionate!

Happy reading and writing!

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11 thoughts on “Intellectually awesome…or just a nerd who likes pens?

    1. Ha! I don’t even know because different brands write better or worse depending on the ink. I’d have to use it to know, but good try King Dale. Black ink for sure. That is a must. 🙂

  1. I can totally relate. My wife and I went to Italy a couple years ago and I bought a beautiful pen from a little shop near the Pantheon that sold handmade leather journals and fine writing instruments. There is a definite joy in putting that pen to a page and letting words flow through it. Oh, and congrats on your recent graduation!! 🙂

      1. Italy is amazing. I hope you get to go. Anyway, love your posts and thanks for following my blog too. Keep writing!! — Jeff

  2. Ha… you totally need to read the novels of Jonathan Carroll. He writes all of his novels out by hand using a fountain pen and often features fountain pens in his novels. One of his characters owns a shop that sells them.

  3. You know, it’s been a very long time since I wrote anything in ink, and maybe it’s about time I go back to it, too. Um…maybe. There’s goes my tendency toward intellectual laziness….

    Oh, and hey: Congratulations on your graduation. Best of luck!

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