Why Bookshelves are Awesome!

I’m sure many of us have more books than they can keep track of (guilty), but someone thought it would be awesome to find neat ways to display our nerdyness. Thank you genius person. I think that being able to display the books we love is great. For anyone who hasn’t heard of the website bookshelfporn.com I highly suggest everyone checks it out. Have free time? Want to waste some time? Look up awesome ways to display your books! Great idea. The internet is great for bringing together book lovers everywhere.


This excitement is fueled by the fact that I have just started to look for my first apartment, and I’m so excited to figure out how I’m going to be able to have all my books with me in a 500 something square foot apartment. With a husband. And a cat. Oh boy. Am I in a little over my head? Sure! Do I still think I can fit approximately 5oo odd books into this apartment? Of course! Maybe in packing them all up I’ll get an actual count of how many books I actually possess. Will there be haphazard piles of books everywhere? You bet. It will be amazing! Think of all the ways you can make unique book shelves to store everything! So excited! That would certainly be an adventure!

This looks pretty much like Heaven, huh?

Happy Reading everyone!

Photo Courtesy of bookshelfporn.com via http://teachingliteracy.tumblr.com/post/4124931224…

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