Here’s the secret to writing…

Well, in a way. I think that many people who don’t write assume that writers stand outside on their roof tops at two in the morning waiting for inspiration to strike them. I’d like to say that’s how it works. Sometimes I’d like to think that’s how it works, but alas, it takes a lot of time and dedication to come up with something that doesn’t stink. I certainly have had my fair share of pieces that stink.

I think those writers who are really accomplished found their niche, and love writing on that genre or theme. I haven’t found mine yet. I think that’s why having people around you who you can talk to about your writing is tremendously important. I haven’t found something akin to that either, but I certainly am not giving up hope.

I may have a pipe dream, but I’m stubborn enough to claw my way to the top until I feel like I’ve accomplished something that means something to me. There is a great movie called Finding Forester, and I suggest it to anyone who loves a good literary film. One of the main points of the movie is that if you’re going to write you must write for yourself first. It sounds selfish, but it is certainly a smart way to think about writing. If you aren’t passionate in your own work how can you expect other people to become invested in it?

So, although in times of severe writer’s block I sometimes think about dancing around on my roof in the wee hours of the night for inspiration it really takes time and dedication to what you’re doing, and a passion for what you’re writing about. Because at the end of the day I’d rather feel proud of a story that never gets viewed over a popular story that I never really cared for in the first place.

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  1. Right there with you, on every point: the hard work to hash it out, the pieces that stink, the pipe dream, not giving up, writing what you want to write. Sometimes, even the inspiration takes times to take root in your mind.

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