So Many Changes!


Before you all freak out I know that this looks a great deal different than our old blog. I felt that it needed a bit of a change, and I hope the changes aren’t too drastic. Posts will continue as usual, and I should be able to post more due to my more relaxed schedule now.

I hope you all like the new site. Thanks to everyone who has followed me! We’re almost at 75 followers which is amazing, so thank you for spreading the word!!

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As I’m sure some of you can tell I have changed the name of the blog. I’m still working on some other changes, but that’s the big one for now. This weekend is rather crazy, so if posts don’t get done on their regular schedule it’s simply because I have no access to a computer. I’ll try my best, though!

Everyone have a great holiday weekend!!

Tie breaker time!

Hi everyone. So there is a tie between keeping “Red Baron” or changing the name to “The Written Odyssey”. The others didn’t seem really popular, so I’m just going to do a tie breaker between these two. Instead of making a new poll how about just leaving a comment on this post? I’m also planning on updating this blog to the full version ($18 a year didn’t seem too bad), so apart from the potential name change things will be getting updated across the board. 

So, get voting! I’d like this blog to deal with more topics and if you think a name change would help then I’m happy to listen.

Happy Reading!

Decision Time, Everyone

So, I’ve been thinking about changing the name for this blog for a while now. Simply because when I first started it the name was inspired by the short story I wrote of the same name. Some of you may have read it on here. I have also come to realize that the title is rather long, saying doesn’t really tell you anything about me or my blog, and I’d like to think I could come up with something a bit more creative. I hope.

Without further ado I’m going to….have you all decide for me because one thing I cannot do is make a decision. Let’s play the name game. Which ever title gets the most votes is the one I will make the new title. Good luck, and may the best pickers win!

Should Writers Read Outside Their Genre?

I always think you should explore outside of your own genre, and she talks about Cormac McCarthy which makes this post even more awesome.

Nic Widhalm is Mad


It’s a cold, rainy afternoon. The kids are spending the day at Grandma’s, it’s too wet for yardwork, and your significant other is at a conference on aardvark mating habits. The fire’s been lit, the blanket dragged from your bedroom…all you’re missing is a good book.

Quick! What do you reach for? Come on, you’re a writer, you’re never far away from a book. You’re holding one now, while you’re reading this, aren’t you? Is it fantasy? Romance? Star Wars Slash Fiction? Is it the same genre you write?

Should it be?

What’s the advantage to reading outside your preferred genre?

Well, you’ll be exposed to new writing styles, for one thing.

Cormac McCarthy. Let’s start there. I write fantasy, specifically urban, and spend about 300% of my time (outside aardvark mating season) reading books by the heavyweights: Rothfuss, Martin, Sanderson, Weeks—I know, they’re all epic fantasy…

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Sometimes ya just need a nothing day

That’s exactly what today has been. Image

When 10:30 starts to seem early there is obviously a problem. In my defense the kitten thought that chewing on my ear was a great activity at 4 in the morning, and while you think that simply pushing him off the bed would solve the problem you obviously have not dealt with a tenacious kitten.

Bed sleep = lazy day

Lazy day = waffles

Waffles = Eat everything bad in your kitchen

How did I get here? Kittens, yeah. Sometimes that’s all you need as an excuse to have a stay-in-your-pajamas-watch-t.v.-day. Sometimes that yields a good amount of creative thinking. Other times it just leads to more t.v. and video games while the cookies finish baking so you can eat them.Image

I think I need help.  

So take a day off, dear readers. Have a nothing day filled with things you love to do instead of things you need to do. It’s o.k. to put off certain tasks for the sake of mental health. It also is good for recovering from a sleep deprived night due to one crazy feline.

Happy lazy days. 

Guest writer? Me? Oh boy.


Good morning, everyone. I hope that you are having a wonderful Tuesday. I’m sure a few of you saw the re-post I did from A Manic 

World this past week. I found that the post did a good job of highlighting the complications and nuances of “the big D”.  

I have been asked to do a guest post on their page based on my experiences which is exciting and terrifying at the same time. The request did get me thinking about the readers of my pint-sized blog. Many people don’t know some of the finer details about depression. For instance, it is often considered something people can just get over, and there are certainly times that I’ve prayed for that to be true. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Another fact is that it is genetic, and if some of your relatives have it the chances of you becoming diagnosed with it increases.

I just want to know if any of you have dealt with the “big D” whether that be your own experiences or someone with whom you are close. It might be easier for some people to be open about their experiences, but for others (like myself) I found it very difficult to come to terms with my depression. It has been almost four years since I started having frequent “pit falls” per se, and I’ve only sought help within the last few months. I just want my readers to know that you are welcome to discuss things openly with me, or not, but as long as you give yourself time (and understand that it does take time) I believe that we all can help ourselves become better.


Oh! I put this picture in this post because I wouldn’t have much to write about if I didn’t get feedback from you. As my readers, you do inspire me to find different avenues in which to approach the topics I care about. I couldn’t do this without your support! Another post will come along later in the day, so keep checking back for when I get it updated!

Happy Reading.

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The Advantages of Having Depression

A well written piece that provides a little bit of humor for something that is rather difficult to deal with. I’m certainly glad I read this piece.

A Manic World

Author: Humans Are Weird


Depression isn’t a thing that people ever yearn for, or wish to acquire.

Those who experience this malevolent juggernaut of a psychosis don’t have “depression appreciation” days. We don’t congregate in throngs to throw our sad hands up in the air and praise depression’s forlorn overlord.

Nope. Depression’s the sort of thing that people usually despise. It’s an emotion, a train of thought, a feeling – a self-destructive entity living inside of us – that we, the Depressos, wish would leave us alone, and never return.

It’s abusive. It makes us hurt. It makes us cry. It tells us that we’re worthless. It smells funny. And ultimately, its happiness is contingent on our misery.

But today, I thought I’d do something a little bit different. Instead of poo-pooing depression, and all that it encompasses, I thought I’d outline the benefits that live inside of depression’s hapless…

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Hello Life? I need some help figuring you out.

Hello all,

ImageThis post today is focused more on life than on literary topics. Yes, I do think that literature is basically the thing that keeps me breathing, but we’ll forget that for right now. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that life is hard and you just have to make your way through it. I’m sure everyone has heard some variant of this before, and my family has had it’s fair share of difficult times. However, I don’t think think that we should simply wade through life to the end when we finally get a chance at rest. 

Yes, there are bad things that happen in everyone’s lives, but there is also good, and if you spent all your time weighing the good versus the bad you would only find yourself in a well of misery. Ouch.

Showcasing my inner geek I picked out a quote from the T.V. series Dr. Who that pertains to this topic. Some think that the show is too outlandish for them, and at times it can be, but there are moments in the show where something is said that rings true about life, and this is the quote that I was reminded of when I was writing this post:

“The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and…bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things or make them unimportant.” -The Doctor 


So, I encourage people to stop thinking they need to wade through life, or hoping it gets better some time in the not-so-distant future. The way it gets better is by cherishing those moments that make your heart stop with the joy of being alive. Remember that without the bad we wouldn’t appreciate the good. Don’t worry so much about figuring out life. It comes at it’s own pace, and we may never have life truly figured out, but that’s part of the adventure isn’t it?

Imagine if we were born knowing the secret to having a good life. We wouldn’t be able to look back on all the adventures, the mistakes, and the crazy ideas that turned into memories with the same joy. Life is about discovery, and at the heart of life we are striving to discover ourselves as we celebrate both the good and the bad, because that means we’re alive.


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