The Kitten Factor: Writing and Life

I’m back, and needless to say it feels awesome to be back. Again, sorry for the absence, but getting married, moving, and changing my entire life all in the course of a few days has certainly taught me about the process of writing. We moved in to our apartment three weeks before our stuff was set to arrive: basically, it is very difficult to spend the energy creating something out of nothing when you are sleeping on the floor.
I also realized that writing in a room by yourself is a great deal simpler than writing in a room with another person while that person is playing a really interesting looking video game.

I think a wise woman once said something about having a room to one’s own to write in. Boy, was she dead on. I love writing, and I could spend a whole day working out the best way to construct a sentence, but I’m also a nerd, so when I see a video game with a well thought out complex story line I feel the need to investigate. I’m researching, right? At least I like to tell myself that.
Ms. Woolf was also dead on about needing a job to help support yourself:

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”

Worrying about how I’m going to pay for dinner and rent seems to be a common enough worry for people. Striving to be creative when you’re worried about finances is a rather harsh rejection by one’s own creative intellect. Writing shouldn’t be blocked by the measly amount of money one has in one’s bank account but, c’est la vie.
So far, I’m come to the conclusion that we writers need enough of an income that we aren’t worried about feeding ourselves, and a place to work that’s quiet and secluded. I know many people who have managed this, and many have found that having a pet around is a comforting companionable silence. Dog? Writer’s best friend. Cat? I could be the crazy cat lady. Kitten? Maybe not.

Chrono arrives home

Although our kitten (affectionately called “the fur ball with teeth”) makes the apartment finally feel like a home, he is also a writer’s nightmare. The scribbling of a pen is usually soothing. Unless it could be used as a play thing. I have some lovely writing done that’s accompanied by huge pen streaks across the pages simply because the fur ball thought it would be an excellent time to chew on my pen.

All of this has been a learning experience on writing, and on life. I’ve come to the conclusion that this whole process has been a raging, exciting, growing change. Just like our kitten. While moving does throw your whole world out of whack for some time it is important to maintain the habits that keep you sane. I maybe be back to a seemingly normal schedule, but I’m still not sure where all of my notebooks are. I’m hoping they turn up sometime soon. Unless my kitten got a hold of them…
Until next time.
Happy Reading

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