8 thoughts on “The Advantages of Having Depression

  1. Hey! Thanks for sharing. If you’d like to write a post for AMW, be in (figurative) touch. (I’m assuming that you deal with the big D, considering the reblog. And given you’ve studied English, would love to host your words/experiences on the topic, if you’d be interested).

    1. Thanks for noticing that I shared it. I do indeed deal with the big D, and no I wouldn’t mind sharing my thoughts. Please just let me know when you would need something by, and what kind of goal you are aiming to achieve. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

      1. Thanks for posting. I partially agree with this. I have written some moving songs, poems, and stories when in a state of depression, but I have also done the same in a state of happiness. I think that what is important when expressing yourself artistically is that you need to convey emotion in a way that people feel it, regardless of what the emotion is. Cheers!

      2. I do agree with you that this article has some limitations by seeming to suggest that only depressed people are able to be creative. I am like you in that I have written while happy and sad, but I find that I come to a deeper understanding of characters when I’m sad, and I construct better prose when I’m happy. Does that make me weird?

      3. Not at all!! In fact, Roger Waters (a la Pink Floyd) claims that the darker, heavier emotions are what creates more visceral art. Not many people can do the dark and the light effectively. People often gravitate to one or the other.

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