Sometimes ya just need a nothing day

That’s exactly what today has been. Image

When 10:30 starts to seem early there is obviously a problem. In my defense the kitten thought that chewing on my ear was a great activity at 4 in the morning, and while you think that simply pushing him off the bed would solve the problem you obviously have not dealt with a tenacious kitten.

Bed sleep = lazy day

Lazy day = waffles

Waffles = Eat everything bad in your kitchen

How did I get here? Kittens, yeah. Sometimes that’s all you need as an excuse to have a stay-in-your-pajamas-watch-t.v.-day. Sometimes that yields a good amount of creative thinking. Other times it just leads to more t.v. and video games while the cookies finish baking so you can eat them.Image

I think I need help.  

So take a day off, dear readers. Have a nothing day filled with things you love to do instead of things you need to do. It’s o.k. to put off certain tasks for the sake of mental health. It also is good for recovering from a sleep deprived night due to one crazy feline.

Happy lazy days. 

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