Why we need morally conscious writers

I was planning on doing a post on the Romantics today, but I felt the need to talk about a more pressing subject. Regarding the many issues around the world concerning ethics and human rights lately I think we need to focus on how we can better understand the nuances of these issues. I think that the information we get from the t.v. and the internet does not begin to scratch the surface of the complex issues at hand because those news channels are based in America. They have not lived in the areas of conflict, so the information they gather, and then give to us, is not wholly accurate to what is actually happening on the ground. Granted, some news reporters do make efforts to immerse themselves as much as possible so that they can achieve the most well rounded story, but they have many limitations. The other problem with trusting your world news to t.v. channels is the majority of them either lean towards one political party or another. If you weren’t aware of this, it’s o.k., but next time you’re watching the news trying and pick out clues that the channel seems to favor on political side or the other especially regarding politics or foreign affairs. The importance of this might seem arbitrary, but I assure that you are given the information that these news channels want you to hear.

So, instead of finding out your news from sources who live in America, I ask that we try and find those people who have lived in these areas and are willing to be heard. It is through them that we can come to a clearer understanding of what exactly the conflict is, and what steps can be taken regarding aid. There are a few thought provoking blogs here on word.press that I think are more informative than any news channel. They focus the people and their struggle, and not so much the political implications of different strategies. Granted, any story you read will be biased in some way based upon that person’s experience, but I feel there is more truth to the writers who have lived those experiences versus the reporters who only get a stream lined version of the issues, and not the well of complexities that surround these turbulent moral issues.

All of these writers are striving to give us information, but I feel that the smaller voices are struggling to give us the truth behind what we see on our t.v. screens. The internet does a fair job of providing us with the broader topics concerning international issues, and sometimes with less political leaning bias. I think that for a cursory understanding of issues that it a good place to start, but then seek out those writers who have a heartfelt interest in the issues. Seek out the ones who show you the deep seated reasons for the conflict. The writers who feel they have a moral obligation to give these moral issues a voice. Actively search for the information that makes you moved to help in a way that can be felt no matter how small the action.

There are many famous writers who we now revere because of their courage to stand up and give face to the issues of our world. In many cases, we would be less informed if these people had not taken it upon themselves to give us a greater understanding of what these moral issues actually looked like. They give us a sense of what it might feel like to be in their shoes. Find those writers. They strive for a betterment that goes beyond ratings and grandiose political affiliations. Certainly, they have their ideas, but I trust the writers with the need to spread a greater understanding, because they feel it is morally right that they do so. Support these writers, and read their words with the hope that we will come out with a better understanding than when we began.

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