Has anyone seen my motivation?

As the title suggests I cannot find my motivation to work on my writing. You might have figured that out by my lack of updates concerning the writing section of my blog, but I was coasting on self denial. I’m going to try and update one of my works by the end of the week. I tend to write in bursts, but I also haven’t given myself the time to do work out what pieces I need to work on. Basically, I’m sorry to those who are following this blog because of my writing in hopes that it would be continually updated. Stick with me if that’s the case, because it means a lot that something I wrote moved you enough to follow me. I’m trying to work on the consistent update part. I got so focused on working towards my Masters that I forgot why exactly I was aiming for it in the first place: I love to write.
I’ll keep putting up some smaller post, but look forward to a larger one by the end of the week. Friday? Sounds good to me.
Thanks all.
Happy Reading.

One thought on “Has anyone seen my motivation?

  1. It happens. It’s like exercise–it’s easier to continue when you are doing it, but more difficult to start back up after you have stopped for a bit. Just pick a reasonable schedule to start back up with, like three or four days. I suspect you will find your groove again. Cheers!

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