The Hazards of Being a Micromanager.

Let’s be honest.

I’m not a perfectionist about most things, but I can’t stand being late. That’s why I have at least three calendars that I use to micromanage my days. It’s worked well in the past. I check what I’m going to do the next day, plan everything accordingly, and try to get to bed so that I get at least six hours of sleep. Sounds like a good enough plan.


Until it goes wrong.

Wrong as in being 45 minutes late to work on a day that we’re moving over to the new building. Late as in I didn’t get the chance to brush my hair or do any normal washing routine because I sprinted out of my apartment trying to get to the elevator so I could put my shoe on properly.

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Luckily, my fellow co-workers weren’t upset, and I’m grateful for that. It happens to everybody, but I can count on one hand the times it’s happened to me. It’s one of the things that I kind of take pride in. I’m always ten minutes early to everything. Or at least I try to be.

So, now I’m just spending my day off being frustrated at myself. Trying to ensure the other plans marked on my three calendars aren’t messed up as well.


Yes. Yes I would.

Basically, I’m learning to take this slight mishap in stride. No one was worse for wear with me being late, and the world didn’t explode, but I guess this is just one more step towards showing me that try as I might to micromanage my time, it doesn’t always end up going the way I plan.

At least I can still micromanage the apartment….

I can’t be stopped. I’m a crazy micromanaging fiend.

But you’re still reading this aren’t you? So maybe we have something in common…

Happy Reading, everyone. I hope all your goals get achieved today, and you spend your day with some awesome people!

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