Writing Workshop Day

Hello Readers,

This is just to update you that my random side-note updates might come a bit more sporadically. I just found a 60 page-ish story that I started working on a few years back. Granted, my writing style has changed a great deal since then so it will need to be edited heavily. I was so overjoyed to find it, though. It’s like running into an old friend that you hadn’t seen for years. I thought it had gotten deleted when I got my new computer in college. Not all of my files were transferred from my old computer, and I assumed it was lost forever. 

Not the case!! So, I’m not sure if it’s a piece that I’ll put up here, or if I do it will probably appear in more of a chapter by chapter basis.

Until then, read some McCarthy (The Road, All the Pretty Horses), or The Help (by Kathryn Stockett), which I haven’t been able to put down since I started.

Happy Reading!

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