Editing Day

Yup. I’m going to be having a blast today. No, really, I love editing. I love taking a piece that was already good (I hope) and find all the things that make it weak. Removing makes the writing better, and shows a certain dedication to your work.

Everyone has their own way of editing, but I’m in the bandwagon of reading the entire piece out loud while making notes on the printed pages of where things need to be changed. Perhaps it’s because I’m a visual and kinetic learner that I find it more rewarding to make changes with a pen rather than simply deleting them off a Word document. That comes later.

I usually aim for about three very critical passes on a work before I make the changes in the document. For one, I don’t like wasting paper, and I do print quite a bit of work out for editing. The other reason is I think it kills a few birds with one stone to do it that way. 

Granted, if I add and new scene, or change something drastic it is going to take quite a few more edits before the voice of the piece flows well. All in good time, and it’s always a lot of fun!

Happy Reading, everyone.


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