A lazy morning, and a crazy kitten.

Hello all,

This post is obviously not the follow up to the piece I did on different types of narrative form. I might still do the second part even though the first didn’t get much of a response. Today has been designated a lazy day. Well, as lazy as I can make myself. I’ve already broken out of my usual habits because it’s almost 10am here and I haven’t done anything remotely goal oriented today. I may not be a morning person, but I’d rather have everything done in the morning so I can have the rest of the day to work on writing.

It didn’t help that the kitten kept getting my up last night. He doesn’t wake my husband up as much, but he’s a heavier sleeper. That, and Chrono tends to wake me up if he needs something. I like to think it’s because he comes to me because he wants love and attention. Really, it’s just because he’s out of food and hasn’t eaten in half an hour. I almost think I’ve spent more money feeding the cat than I have feeding myself.

His antics didn’t stop when we woke up, though. He’s been crazy all morning. But that’s what growing kittens do, I guess. Boy is he growing! When we got him as a stray he wasn’t very big. I could hold him in the palm of my hand, but he’s at least tripled in size, and he’s about three and a half months old. We’re not quite sure when he was born, but that’s our closest guess. I read that cats, on average, keep growing until around year one, so we’ll see how much bigger he gets. He likes to sleep on our pillows, but I’m not sure there will be room for both my head and his body if he decides to get any bigger.

Oh well, despite his antics I love him very much.

Have a great rest of your day, dear readers!

2 thoughts on “A lazy morning, and a crazy kitten.

  1. Your cat will grow pretty fast 🙂 Enjoy the kitten days!! Also, your writing is very well done Sara, you do have readers! Keep it up!

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