Kittens and Counter tops

Breaks don’t work well for me. I apparently forget everything I’m supposed to do, and I completely forget what day it is.

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I can say that we cooked a turkey and I didn’t even burn anything. That’s a pretty big accomplishment in my book.

We haven’t done anything really exciting since Thanksgiving. We might try and reorganize our tiny little kitchen. We have no counter space so trying to prepare stuff on the stove top while trying to use it has given us quite a few burnt fingers.

Our kitten is sick again, so we’ll be making another trip to the vet today. I wish he would just get better. We keep thinking he’s improving, but then he gets sick again. It’s frustrating because I feel like a bad person for not being able to take care of my kitten. He doesn’t seem to be to hampered down by being sick, so that’s a blessing.

Anyhow, have a great weekend!

It’s Turkey/Ham Day!

Have a good day with your families, or however you chose to spend it. I will attempt to not burn the whole apartment complex down by making this ham.

On the premise of today, let’s try and remember to be thankful other days as well. And…maybe not go black Friday shopping? I think it’s silly that we have such a tradition. Did you know some stores are open at 8 this evening? That’s taking time away from their families. Not too thankful.

Anyhow, have a good one!

I may have thought today was Tuesday…

Sorry about that! Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good day. Some people may already be getting ready for Thanksgiving, which now that I know what day it is, is tomorrow. Trey and I decided to try it on our own this year. It’s the first time we’ll be trying a lot of this on our own, but I think we’ll be ok. We went for a ham instead of a turkey because our store only had massive turkeys. I don’t even think we would have gotten done with the leftovers until next month. So, ham it was, and since ham is one of the best things ever I’m thinking it was a good decision.

I got some time off from work because of the holiday, and I thought that I would get all this stuff done. I didn’t achieve nearly as much as I thought I would because I was so worn out from work. I’ve always thought it was a little weird that we have to work ourselves thin just to just time off and be exhausted our whole break. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me, but I know for certain that I couldn’t work a nine to five job for an extended period of time. Some people work really well with a set schedule, but I think I need mine to be a bit more varied.

Since I’m on the subject of work I’ve been thinking a lot about what exactly I want to pursue for my career. Writing will always be a priority, but I can’t really make a steady living off of that income. I always loved my creative writing classes when I was in college, and I’m considering what it would take to try and teach others how to better their writing. I need to see what kind of credentials that would take, but it sounds like a fun opportunity. Even if it was just as a part time thing and I did it for children or something I think it would be fun to help people better their self expression through writing. Any thoughts?

It’s a rather new development, and it’s been bouncing around in my head for a few days, but I thought I’d see if anyone had an opinion on the matter. Even a “good luck” or “sounds cool” or “…maybe not….” would at least give me the push I need to see if people would actually be interested in this type of thing.

Anyhow, I have to go to the laundry that I needed to get done yesterday. I’m down to one pair of sweatpants, and they are the color of Barney. You probably didn’t want that much information…oh well, you have it now!

Happy Wednesday, dear Readers!

Zoo day!

Sorry for the lateness of this post. I know I usually post earlier in the day, but we went to the Zoo! 

A great time was had by all. Other than the fact it was really cold..

No other exciting news to report. I hope all the Dr. Who fans either saw the 50th anniversary special, or are planning on seeing it. We are hopefully going to see in on Monday when it comes to theatres. I’m super excited.

Everyone have a great weekend!

Discovering a new artistic future


Today’s topic comes from a friend and follower. I have inserted the prompt so that readers can have an understanding of where this post is headed:

For a blog topic, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the arts and whether or not we are constantly progressing our artistic designs in both a visual, musical, and performance sense as a human race, or whether we are slowly but surely leaving behind some of the most artistic generations and creations which were the pinnacles of art form (for example Beethoven, Picasso, etc)

Initially, when I first read Jordan’s question I thought that we have slacked a bit when it comes to progressing the artistic mind of our generation. I’m sure the majority have seen in the news that we are constantly cutting funding for art, music, and dance classes within our schools. The need to advance areas such as math and science have left the artistic areas falling short of funding. I’m not saying that all areas aren’t feeling the pinch, but the arts seem to have been hit the hardest because these areas don’t fit within the core of a students’ learning.

Many schools require a student to at least take an introductory class in some way related to the arts, and that could be painting, music, or theatre. Take your pick. However, it rarely is pursued beyond this required class. I think that there is blame to be placed on the way we manage our distribution of resources in our schools, but I also think that we stunt the growth of our artistic children in middle school and high school because our culture does not place great emphasis or praise upon these children.

As a child who loved acting I pursued it throughout middle school and high school, and while I went to a small middle school, we had no real place to designate for acting. The theatre doubled as our cafeteria, and the only lighting design that we had was to turn off the light at the back of the cafeteria. images (1)We used our imaginations, and for the most part, we did just fine. And yet, we had nice lockers and a decent field for many of our sports.

We have long since praised the athlete for his achievements on the field. We see this in movies and how the athlete is always admired while the artistic child is generally the one attracting the negative attention. If we continue to let this type of stereotypical treatment of our artistically inclined children to go unchecked by his or her fellow students, but also by the school’s distribution of resources, then yes I do think we have let our structured teaching of artistic students to fall by the way side.

Unlike other countries who seem to have a better understanding of artistic importance (some have gone so far as to place their nation’s best artists on their currency) I think that the U.S. has not had enough time to develop its own artists. Do I think they will appear on our currency? No, because as previously discussed, our culture does not praise those who seek artistic endeavors. Even if our structured pursuit of artistic betterment is falling by the way side I think that we are still finding ways to grow.

It does not take classroom for a person to know that they are passionate about art. We have privately run studios, acting workshops, and a multitude of small business that are dedicated to pursuing the advancement of art. It may not be so evident in our school systems, but outside of that sphere growth is still occurring. By leaving the academic frame behind I find that people are more inclined to find those who share similar interests. People are growing artistically because there are more opportunities outside of the traditional norm that allow them to pursue their passions.

Moving to the second half of your question, as to whether we have left the most artistic generations behind, I think that we need to stop living in the past and placing so much clout upon those who came before us. Granted, Beethoven and Picasso are names that should be admired, but not elevated to the point of near godliness. If we continue to live in the shadow of those who came before us and state that those people are empirically the best artists of their field, how does that translate to the mind of those trying to become great themselves?


Those people may be great, but their greatness was not earned without a great deal of hard work. We should celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of those artists, but do so with the understanding that our generation is equally great. We may use previous artists as inspiration and motivation to do the best we can, but we should not assume that we can never equal their greatness, or even surpass it one day. If we are to live with the assumption that we will never be greater than those who came before us then we will never grow.

So, I think that we need to explore other avenues of artistic development outside of traditional norms because I think those traditional avenues are slowing becoming ineffective and more detrimental to our artistic achievements. I also think that by assuming the greatness of previous generations’ artistic achievements to be the pinnacle of a certain form we are cutting down our budding artists without giving them a chance to see the potential in themselves. It may not be the same type of artistic growth because we have a larger range of creative awareness now, but we are certainly growing none the less.

Time is the truest indicator of greatness, so doesn’t the judge of what is great today fall on the shoulders of those after us?

My confidence has left me

downloadIt hasn’t been a sudden abandonment, but I am sitting here wondering why I don’t have confidence in my own writing before. Maybe that’s because I tend to not be confident in a lot of things, but writing was the one thing I could be confident about.

I’ve tried to write on three different occasions today, but all I can do when I sit down is think that my writing is trash. I can’t really get past that hurdle and work on stuff if I don’t have confidence in my own creativity. It certainly is very alarming, and I honestly don’t know how to go about fixing it.

I know that part of it is I’m not around the people I once confided to about my writing, and I feel a bit alone when I work. Granted, writing is a lonely profession, but that’s not quite what I’m talking about here. I’m trying to write, but I don’t know what to do after those pages are written. They just sit there on my computer. Although the story may be progressing (even if it is poor progression) the work itself just sits there stagnant on my computer gathering imaginary dust.

I guess I’m not stuck when it comes to writing because I can put words down on paper, but I’m stuck in trusting myself that this is what I want to do. I know it deep down in my bones that I couldn’t be satisfied doing anything else, but that doesn’t mean that my insecurities don’t have me wondering why my confidence decided to go on a vacation.

And…back to normal

Hello everyone,

I am glad to say that this week is over. It has flown by because I’ve been so busy, and thank you all for bearing with me. I will be posting the normal amount next week. I’m also going to try and iron out when I actually post so that things are so hectic when it comes to getting new things out.

I found out that my dog (who still lives with my parents) tore his ACL chasing after cats. He’s not the brightest bulb in the pack but he’s a dear, and I feel horrible that I won’t be able to take care of him while he heals. He was injured one other time and I took care of him then, but I feel bad that I can’t be there to help him get better. I know the recovery will take some time. I am planning on flying back for Christmas (YAY!), and his surgery isn’t until the 6th of next month. The poor thing will have to wait it out, but he does have some pretty nice pain killers that the vet gave him.

That was one reason this week has been so crazy is I was having to fight to get confirmation that I would be able to go home for Christmas. Ticket prices were not getting any cheaper, but luckily I was able to get verbal confirmation that it should be ok. Verbal confirmation is not the safest thing to buy plane tickets off of, but I decided that if something went wrong I’d say that I got confirmation and the tickets were already bought. It’s pretty dicey of me to do it that way, but it was the only way I was going to be able to afford flying home. The worst case scenario is that I don’t get the time off, but hopefully I can find someone to cover my shifts. (Crossing my fingers). My granddad used to say that if our family didn’t have bad luck we wouldn’t have any luck at all….I’m just hoping that isn’t the case in this situation.

I also want to iron out the wrinkles I’ve been having with my erratic posting,so until further notice I will be posting Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. If it turns out that I can post in between these dates then I will make every effort to do so, but for now this will be when I’ll be posting new content. On that note, if you have anything you’d like me to post about then let me know! I’m sure I have an opinion on whatever it is, and if I don’t, I’ll research it until I do!

Whew. Sorry that was so long, but I had a laundry list of things to get off my chest.

Have a great rest of your Sunday evening!

Finally posting!

Hey all, sorry this week has been crazy so far and the blog is not feeling the love. I had the day off, and I had something actually interesting to talk about. Well, I found it interesting, and since you’re reading this you get to listen.

Movie poster

Trey and I watched a movie last night called Side Effects. It is a psychological thriller, and there are actually some pretty big names in it (Jude Law, Channing Tatum, and Catherine Zeta-Jones). I generally like psychological thrillers because I like trying to figure out the twists and turns before they happen. Sure, they are usually a bit over the top, but for the sake of sitting down and watching the one hour and forty-five minute movie it wasn’t bad.

The thing that I really liked was they did a very good job of visualizing the internal struggle of the lead character’s depression. Since so many of the struggles in the movie are focused on the internal struggles of the main character, I think that the movie did a pretty decent job of making those struggles visual to the audience. Rooney Mara, the actor who plays the lead character, does a fantastic job of making the audience feel the depression. Not even in an overbearing way, but in a way that shows the silent struggle she is going through. I was genuinely impressed by her performance.

I did get a bit turned off by the direction the movie took maybe 3/4 of the way through it, but that’s because it seemed to lose a bit of the artistic edge that it had in the beginning. The second half focused more on the rising action and conclusion (which isn’t a problem), but they made it a bit too predictable to me.

The first half of the movie is great, and if you watch it I would stay for the second part, but overall I think it was rather well done, and I’m not a big movie fan.

Anyhow, this was a bit of a random post, but I’ve talked about depression before here, and I just really liked the way the movie handled it. So, if you watch it and like it, then that’s pretty neat. Other than that nothing too exciting to report.

We did get the bookshelf organized, and there is plenty of room for more books, but I don’t think we’ll be getting a fish. Sad day. In reality, our kitten might have tried to eat the fish which would just be uncomfortable for all involved parties…

Happy Reading!

Far Apart Posts

Hello readers,

I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet, and yes I still am aiming for my goal of at least 100 pages by the end of the month. 

Also, I may not be posting as much this week because I’m working an insane amount this week. I’m doubling my hours, so I might not get as many posts in as I’d like. It should only be this week, so things should be back to normal next week. Not that I really have a schedule for getting posts out, and maybe I should reinstate that, but expect posts from me next week. 

I’ll aim to get a few posts in this week, but I can’t make any promises.

Have a great rest of your evening!


Words, Words, Words…and Puffer Fish

I’m once again working on writing today. I wish I could say I was getting a lot accomplished, but my brain is just not cooperating with me. I’m doing the thing all high school students do when they’re asked to write a paper: I open up Windows, find the place where I felt off, and promptly get distracted by something else. 

It’s a rather willing distraction. Not because I don’t want to get more writing done, but because I feel burnt out before I had begun. A lot of famous authors say that they write about four hours a day. That’s really isn’t a lot of time when you sit down and start cranking out pages, or work on editing, but they also have words of advice cautioning against pushing yourself too far too fast. I think I’m going to take the latter advice and try working later this evening because I just don’t feel like it write now (haha I made a joke).

In other news, I hung with coworkers last night and had a blast. I have to say I work with some pretty cool people.

I even succeeded and got the apartment deep cleaned which hasn’t happened since…well since we moved here if I’m being completely honest with myself. Luckily it’s small, and I don’t have much ground to cover. When we got the place I thought it would be easy to keep clean because it’s so small. In reality, it just makes the disarray more apparent because you can’t really escape from it. That’s what living in an apartment has come down to: try to run away from the laundry so I don’t have to fold it and put it away.

We are also planning on reorganizing the book shelf. The apartment came with this funky bookshelf that has all sorts of mismatched cube things in different sizes. It’s like a game figuring out which book will fit where, but once it’s done I can buy more! That’s super exciting. I haven’t gone book shopping in a while. Or we might get a fish. Not sure which I’ll like better.

I love books, but I have this strange obsession with fish. Seriously, one of my dreams is to own a salt water puffer fish.

Image I mean, look at this face. So cute.


Wow, this has turned into a long post. Random musing have abounded on this post.

Anyhow, have a great Saturday!

Happy Reading!

P.S. Did anyone get the Hamlet reference in the title of this post? Yeah? Cool beans.