Birthday parties and faulty vacuums

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven’t gotten that other post out about narrative forms. Trey and I finally got invited to hang out with people! This may sound like a weird accomplishment, but finding new people to hang out with is a bit difficult for me. It was a co-worker’s surprise 21st birthday party, so everyone had a good time. It was nice to hang out with a bunch of great people.

I was super excited. I think it went well.

Earlier yesterday we discovered our need for a vacuum. I thought we could keep the apartment clean just with the Swiffer, but I was wrong. So we went to Target and bought a cheap one because it’s not like the apartment gets dirty enough that we need some fancy vacuum. It started smoking as soon as we turned it on…. I’m still not quite sure what we’re going to do about that. I might turn it back on and see if it does it again. Hope not. It would be nice to have a vacuum that works.

Maybe we’ll get this life thing figured out….eventually.


On a side note, today is my dad’s birthday!!! Happy Birthday to my dad!!! He’s kind of a great guy.

I’ll try to post something again later

Have a great Sunday! Happy Reading!


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