The Issues with Narrative Forms

So finally getting back to part 2 of the post I did a while ago I’d like to address some of the issues that arise when dealing with different narrative forms. Mainly the fact that people tend to have very strong opinions as to which narrative form it the best.

I have problem with this because I may have gotten my degree in English and spent a great deal of  time reading literature that was character driven, but the first book that made me fall in love with reading was about far from what many people would call literature.

It was a fantasy novel with dragons and sword fights and weird time travel. There were strong characters within it, and I think that it was well written, but in the guidelines that my teachers use it wouldn’t make the cut as literature.

That’s not a bad thing. Some people don’t like dealing with very real issues when they read. Reading is an escape as much as it is an adventure. I think that we can learn many things from books regardless if it falls under the heading of literature or any other genre.

Books are for readers and regardless of what you like to read there will be someone with similar interests who wants to write those books. So issues with narrative forms is more an argument of taste rather than actual merit.

Read whatever you want! I can say this because you’re reading this blog. If you’re reading then you should be able to handle anything.

Have a great evening (if it’s evening where you are)!

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