Editing my high school writing

It’s not that I didn’t know that before, but I’m working on a piece that I started in high school, and, well, I sucked at writing in high school. Looking back, it’s adorable that I thought I was creating amazing prose. Not that my prose are super amazing now, but I can say that they have improved. 

Despite it being a pain to edit something that is so rough I must say that I enjoy it because I can see the evolution in my writing. There was a definite change for the better my sophomore year of college. I can see a drastic change around that time. Returning to my high school writing, it probably would have been more helpful if I hadn’t been using all of my math homework as my place to write ideas. I probably would have done better in math, and in writing, if I had kept those two separate. 

I also tended to repeat myself. A lot. As in I would state something and then take two or three more sentences to repeat what I had just said in a different way. So editing much of high school writing has entailed a great deal of deleting useless information. Well, you live and learn. I guess the younger me just really wanted to get her point across. 

Anyhow, I have over 50 pages done of my 100 page goal for the month, so it’s going pretty well. I still have motivation. We’ll see what happens when that dwindles a bit.

Happy Thursday to you all. 

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