Kittens and Counter tops

Breaks don’t work well for me. I apparently forget everything I’m supposed to do, and I completely forget what day it is.

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I can say that we cooked a turkey and I didn’t even burn anything. That’s a pretty big accomplishment in my book.

We haven’t done anything really exciting since Thanksgiving. We might try and reorganize our tiny little kitchen. We have no counter space so trying to prepare stuff on the stove top while trying to use it has given us quite a few burnt fingers.

Our kitten is sick again, so we’ll be making another trip to the vet today. I wish he would just get better. We keep thinking he’s improving, but then he gets sick again. It’s frustrating because I feel like a bad person for not being able to take care of my kitten. He doesn’t seem to be to hampered down by being sick, so that’s a blessing.

Anyhow, have a great weekend!

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