The road to my Master’s degree has officially begun

Yep. I know I said a while back that was going to apply for my degree, but I finally got around to narrowing it down to two choices. Goddard College, which invented the type of program I’m applying for, is number one on my list. Their deadline is May 15th because they have rolling admissions. 

The part I’m worried about, apart from applying and not getting accepted, is I need three letters of recommendation.  I can only think of one person who could give me a letter of recommendation for a master’s program. How am I going to find two other people who can give me letters of rec?

At least I have a few months to figure that out….

Anyhow, I’m getting super excited for Christmas! My family isn’t very religious, but I love this time of year because I think it has the potential to bring out the good in people. I’m not saying it happens to everyone, but the potential is there.

Well, have a good rest of your day, dear readers. Thank you so much for sticking with me. I really do appreciate it!

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