Hello, Readers!

I hope everyone is having a good morning. Mine has been productive with quite a bit of baking. I may dislike cooking (I’m also not very good at it), but I love baking! Not really sure why because cooking is a lot more forgiving than baking it seems, but oh well. I’m making this really cool creation for my best friend’s graduation party today. I’d tell you what it is, but I’m 90% sure she reads this blog, so I’ll only post pictures after she sees it. 🙂

Being home has been great. I’ve been able to see all of my friends, and it has been great to see my family. Coming home wasn’t exactly what I expected, though. It’s been great, and I can’t put my finger on how it feels different, but I’m pretty confident it’s because I haven’t been home for 5 months. 🙂

Well, I hope holiday planning is going well for everyone regardless of what holiday you celebrate. 

Have a great day!

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