I hope everyone had a great holiday!

I certainly did. It was great to see everyone. We just got back to Seattle. It was a good trip, but I’m also happy to be back to normal. I like breaks, but I always forget what day it is and I generally lose all track of time, so coming back was a good thing.

Our kitten was certainly glad to see us again. He hasn’t left alone since we got here. He has also been super talkative at all hours of the day now. I think he feels the need to tell us what he did while we were gone.

The bad part is that he’s realized how to open doors as well as drawers. The door isn’t too big of a deal because we only have one, but I usually hide stuff in the drawers so that he can’t get to it while we’re sleeping, but that isn’t going to work anymore. He just pulls it open and gets whatever he wants from inside. He’s too smart for his own good.

In other exciting news I signed up to do the Color Run this summer. I know I have plenty of time to prepare, and deadlines always help me get work done. The only problem is that I suck at running. I’m about as slow as a turtle and as elegant as a baby giraffe. If I can complete the race I will certainly feel accomplished. I don’t even feel the need to finish it fast so long as I finish it.

Anyhow, I hope your Monday is going well, and I hope you all got books for Christmas. What more could a person want?

Happy Reading.

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