I thought it was Thursday…and sushi documentaries.

I feel like I do this a lot. It happens during any type of holiday. I totally lose track of time. Yesterday I thought it was Saturday. I felt like Saturday. Anyhow, I’ve been back to work and hanging out with my friends. I also have been grinding my teeth over my Master’s application because I’m getting rather nervous about it. I’ve really been wracking my brain for three people that I can ask to give me a recommendation.

Other than that I’ve been working away on the writing portion of it. I have been trying to figure out what I want my piece to focus on. The choices we make in our own lives are important enough, but I think it’s fascination how those choices that we make can affect later generations. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and it’s something that there isn’t really an answer for because how do know how your choices will change other people’s lives? It is even something we should be worried about? What kind of a responsibility do we have to others when it comes to our choices?

On a side note I’ve been watching tons of documentaries. It’s my guilty pleasure when it comes to the kind of t.v. I watch. I like being educated about things that I have never heard of before. I watched two on sushi and both were great. It didn’t necessarily open my eyes in any certain way, but I really enjoyed learning a bit about the cultural importance of sushi. I also watched one on obesity which is very visually hard to watch. There was another one on illegal drugs. Weird stuff, but I find it totally fascinating.

I hope you are having a great afternoon, and it is Friday. I am aware of what day it is. Finally.

Have a great day, dear Readers. You are all awesome.

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