I really hate writing personal statements

It’s a big chunk of my application for Master’s, and I’ve spent the morning/afternoon working on it.  I hate talking about myself, let alone writing about myself for 3-6 single spaced pages. Yes, I realize I am talking about myself right now.

“Do I contradict myself?

Very well, then, I contradict myself;

I am large — I contain multitudes.” 

Points to anyone who can tell me where that quote comes from. Half the points if you Google it. Anyhow, I feel like I’m selling myself to this program. Which is fine. I’d fly to Vermont, so that I could crawl into the Director’s office and beg on my hands and knees to allow me into the program. I’d say I’d give him my soul or something like that, but that might just creep him out. I can only show partial desperation. Partial desperation does not get you marked as a crazy person.

I’m also getting to the point where I just want the application and finished and pretty so that I can tend it to them and give me a response. I’m getting my hopes up, and if they gave me a good reason I might accept getting declined, but I really really really want to get in. Really. Bad.

So, here I am teetering on the edge of dying to know about my fate (even though they have no idea who I am yet), and just sending everything in as fast as I can without being super careful, or taking the time and making sure that the application I send in leaves no doubt in their mind that they want me in the program.

I am unjustifiably freaking myself out. I’m not even in the program yet and I’m having a fit over it. 

I hope you all have a great rest of your Sunday afternoon, dear readers!

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