Almost done with my Masters application (the first draft anyway)

I’ve been working on it for a few hours each night, and for all of the required components I either have a rough draft, or it is being mailed to the University. To me, that seems like pretty decent progress. I still am planning on editing all of the components heavily before mailing it in, but I’m feeling pretty good about where my application stands at this point in time. 

I was thinking about the whole Master’s thing and I think that even if I don’t get accepted it shows that I at least had the stubbornness to apply for the program. I would like to think that I can get accepted, but I don’t want to get my hopes up before I even hear any news.

I would have posted last night, but I caught I cold and fell asleep right after going to work. I will say that I am happy it’s the weekend. For some reason this week was really draining. I’m not sure if it’s because work was just really busy, or because a lot of people are leaving soon and I’m worried that work will not be the same after they leave. I’m happy for the people who are leaving because they found a job that suits them more, but I just worry that we won’t hang out as much now that we aren’t in the same work area.

The only problem I’m having with my application is they require at list of what books you would like to use in your studies during the program. I love being able to tentatively make my own reading list, but I’m just not sure how many books I need to list. It is a two year program, and I have eight really good pieces, but I feel like I should have ten or so. They do say on the application that the list is subject to, and will, change so I probably shouldn’t been too concerned about the number of books so long as each one is substantial.

Anyhow, I’m going to go be sick and read a book.

Happy Friday, dear readers!!

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