Getting out of my perpetual slump

I have been doing the same thing the past few months without any change. Work->home->fiddle around->bed. I’m a bit fed up with being bored. Even if it’s a little change like taking a new way home at least I’m doing something different. The problem is that I’m one of those people who don’t mind being stuck in a rut. At least, that’s until I notice I’m in one, and then it starts to drive me crazy.

When I got home this afternoon I did about five loads of laundry and reorganized my half of the closet. It seems silly, but I feel better about it. At least I changed up my usual pattern.

I’m just about ready to send my application in for the Masters program. Once that’s done then I’ll just need to wait for the letters to arrive. I confess that I tracked where my transcript was and when it arrived. The school gives you electronic updates when parts of your application are received, and I may or not refresh that page a few times a day.

I think my husband and I are going to grab some pizza just to make this day even more exciting!

Have a great evening!

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