So apparently the Super Bowl is today….

I guess I’d be happy if the Broncos win, but my main goal is to eat lots of food and laugh at the commercials. I’m not very good at watching sports. Honestly, I’m not very good at playing them either…

On another note I have been watching this news program called Vice. They do a very good job of covering the important things that are happening around the world. They aren’t nearly as biased with what they are willing to show you. They are often times on the front lines and I think they do a good job of attempting to get to the heart of the problems they are encountering. They have a lot of their documentaries on YouTube, so I highly suggest you go check them out. Eye opening, for sure.

Well, I’m going to figure out what we’re going to eat during the Super Bowl. Have a nice afternoon, dear readers.

(I do hope the Broncos win.)

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