A Thing Called Night Skiing

For the record, I suck at skiing. I can manage the bunny hills, but anything other than that and I look like those cartoons of people who turn into a snowball.



This picture is so accurate it’s scary. Adding the additional element of night to this whole charade seems a bit much, but I have been assured that the runs will be well lit and well groomed. I certainly hope so.

I got a bit thrown off in terms of a good topic for today’s post because I had to take our kitten into the vet this morning. Poor guy is sick again. He’s also gained two pounds. Twelve pounds of kitten is quite a lot to handle.

I think after I finish Lolita I’ll probably start on the list of books that I didn’t get to read while in college. There are so many classes that I didn’t get to take, and so many books I didn’t get to read. I didn’t get to read any Joyce and only a small amount of Faulkner. That said, I’ve read more Poe and more Chaucer than I thought possible.


What is/was your favorite book that you read in school? I’d love to hear your opinions because then I can add them to my list!

I’ll try and update you tomorrow on how this whole night skiing goes. Hopefully I don’t break something.


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