The time I got a concussion

I can’t even say it was because I did something as daring as night skiing. We didn’t end up going. Instead we ended up spending yesterday afternoon in the medical clinic. I am really embarrassed to even say how I managed to concuss myself, but what the heck. I hit my head on the sharp edge of my dryer door. I was looking for a sweater to wear skiing and I leaned over and whacked my head.
If that’s what happens when I’m at home I can’t imagine the trouble I would have gotten into on those bunny hills.
But other than groggy I am no worse for wear. Just embarrassed I lost an impromptu scuffle with my dryer.
I’m supposed to be avoiding mental stimulation for at least the next four to let my brain heal. I might die of boredom. I probably should not be writing this at the moment because looking at the screen is tiring, but I obviously live an adventurous life. Next time that dryer better watch out.

Anyhow, I hope you all had a great day, dear readers. Have a pleasant evening.

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