I like that I’m still figuring my life out.

This is a rather large revelation for me. I’m generally someone who has a plan for every minute of everyday, and if a plan doesn’t work I always have a plan “b” or “c”. I’ve been getting a bit discouraged that I still haven’t heard anything from the Masters program, and I was talking to a friend who is also applying for Masters programs. We were having the same concerns about what to do with our lives depending on the response from our respective schools and I made a joke that we’ll just hang out and keeping working.

I may have said it as a joke to try and make our situations seem less stressful, but I realized that even if neither of us get accepted to our schools life is still going to go on and we’ll both probably be Ok. Sure we both had a plan for our future, but it doesn’t mean that if that one plan fails we don’t have a future.

It just means that we both will need to reevaluate what we want to do with our lives. I’ve seen friends get in Masters programs who love it, and others who don’t. I have some friends that are happy without getting a second degree and they already are doing something they enjoy. It is the curse of the newly post graduate. We’ve had our lives pretty structured for us until now and this new lack of direction is a bit startling. Despite the fact that I tend to have a plan for everything I actually like that I don’t have anything really set in stone right now.

I’m surrounded by some of the best friends I could ask for, and I like the life I have right now. Yes, there are certainly some places in my life I’d like to improve, but overall I’m doing pretty well for a 22 year old.


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