Friends are a blessing.

I have realized that more and more since we moved to Seattle. I talk to my family multiple times a week on the phone, but not being around them means that we’ve had to find other people to spend time with. I believe that a people make new families wherever they go when they move away from their blood family. That doesn’t mean that either family is more important than the other. It just means that when we grow up and move away from our families we need to find other important people that we can spend time with. 

I didn’t really understand this until a little while ago.  I love my Seattle family. The friends that I’ve made here I hope stay my friends for many years to come. They have helped me become a better person, and they have made me realize what kind of person I would like to become.

I was apprehensive about moving to Seattle because making new friends is not my best trait, but I am so lucky to have found the people I have. I feel that I am growing more mature everyday, and I am learning about what it means to be a good person, and hopefully a good friend in the process.

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