I’m still having computer issues, so I’ll try and resume regular postings on Tuesday.

I have “borrowed” my hubby’s keyboard while he’s returning movies to Redbox so that I can type this. I still don’t have a functioning keyboard, but it should be up and running by Tuesday.

I’ll try and get everything up and running by then.

On a side note, I play the game Pokemon and it borders on the obsessive. I have all of the game for all of the different formats, but I have had a sudden desire to play Yellow, which incidentally is still in Colorado. I love that game, and I was just wondering if any of you have had the sudden desire to go back and revisit an old game because of the memories you have of playing it.

I also read this fantastic book called Boy Proof by Cecil Castillucci. If you like coming of age stories, and tons of nerdy-ness then I would check this out. The main character is really well done.

That’s all. Hopefully I’ll post on Tuesday!

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