Writing for catharsis and characters of mixed race.

Hi dear Readers!

I hope you all are having a splendid Friday. It’s almost the weekend! 

I was working on a new story that I started this morning, and I usually get really motivated once I start writing, and today was no different, but I was also reminded why I love writing so much.  I love discovering new things about my characters, and I feel like I find out new things about the range of human emotion when I write. These character that I know only a little about when I start I consider some of my closest friends when I’m done. I know that might sound strange but bear with me.

Writing may be the desire to discover something about a character who you’ve been fascinated about, but it also forces you to discover something about yourself in the process. You can’t peel back the layers of a character and learn their deepest motivations and fears without acknowledging your own. Writing is my passion, but it also allows me to writing for the catharsis I feel during the writing process, and when I’ve finished for the day.

I was stressed about a few things before I started writing this morning. Bills, family, school expenses, ect., but now I feel like I can handle my worries because while writing I was able to figure out I needed to approach each issue. I think that by helping my characters deal with their own issues it makes it easier to face my own.

I read an interview with an author who said that if she wasn’t a writer she would have been a therapist, or a counselor because she is driven to find out what makes people keep living their lives. I certainly think that she had something right with that statement.


My other issue is that I’ve been wanting to write a character who is of two different nationalities. He would be born in America, but I want one or both of the parents to have either been born out of the country or lived in a different culture for some time. I think that it would be really fascinating to see how cultural differences play a role in the dynamic of the family. I’m just not sure how to go about writing that character.

Do I do research on what nationality the parent comes from and go from there? Or should I try and see how they have had to adjust to the American culture they live in now? And how does that conflict with the culture they knew? What kind of pressure does that place on the child if he is attempting to balance both the American life he had grown up with and the values that his parent still values?

If anyone has any ideas I’d love to hear them because I find myself in a bit of a conundrum.

Have a great weekend!!

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