Following your passions

Hello dear readers,

Today isn’t really a post about anything directly pertaining to writing. I just wanted to say that we all should follow our passions. I say “passions” because we all have more than one. Sure, some are more hobbies, and some we focus our careers around, but always make sure that they play an integral role in your life.

Our passions make us who we are, and doing them makes us happy. Our happiness should never be a self sacrifice. Even if you haven’t worked on your car, or gone to a museum recently always taking that step towards your passions once again can be an uplifting experience. If you like doing something, then do it. If it’s something that makes you smile, makes you want to talk to people on the street, or be a better person, there is nothing stopping you from pursuing that passion with zeal.

Find friends that share in your passions. That is one area that I haven’t been very good at, but I’m hoping that with my program starting in a month I will be able to find new friends that I can talk to about writing. Writing has always been such a lonely passion for me because it is sometimes difficult to explain what you’re trying to achieve in your writing. I’ve had overwhelming support from family and friends, but not many people I can talk to about the structure of writing, or character development without feeling like I’d be boring my listener to death.

Find your passion. Find people that share that passion. And never let anyone tell you that your passion is not worth your time and energy.

Have a great Friday, dear friends.


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