Fitting a flash back into a story

Hello Readers,flashback-friday

It’s a rather dreary Friday here in Seattle. We’ve been having some great weather, so it’s been a bit difficult to work on writing when I really just want to go hang outside. Luckily, today has been windy and cooler, so I found it much easier to work on writing today.

I’ve been working on a story that I’m planning on taking to my residency when I fly to Goddard. They ask that we bring work with us, and I haven’t come up with a great deal of new content for a while, so it was just the push I needed to get the ball rolling again. The story is coming along nicely, I’m only 15 pages in, but there are a lot of things I can work with to make the story continue.

One problem I’m facing is there is a place in the story where I could use a flashback to show instead of just tell about a conversation that two of my characters had, but trying to put a flashback in around page 5 seems a little too soon. Generally, you shouldn’t have a flashback until later in the story when the present tense action is fully developed. One of my weak points as a writer is that I tend to tell instead of show, so a flashback would help me increase the length of the story, but also allow me to show the dialogue to the reader instead of just telling them that these two characters had a conversation.

I think I might try it out and see if it works, if not, I can cut it, but if it works then I’ve developed my characters just a bit more. As always, just piecing everything together bit by bit until it looks good and sounds good.

Studying creative writing by reading other author’s books is much more different than trying to apply that same knowledge to your own work. Of course we all hope our work to be brilliant the first time we write it down, but sometimes struggling through a ton of edits to make it better can be just as rewarding.

Happy Friday!!!

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