10380568_10152886155734128_2462582376567461044_o I just wanted to put this picture of my kitten on the blog. Isn’t he so damn cute? If you don’t think he’s cute you obviously need to get your head checked. He was either trying to head boop the bubble or eat the bubble…I can’t remember, but he’s adorable regardless. 

I hope this puts a smile on someone’s face. 🙂

So…I’m a camping nut.

At this point I can’t even come up with an excuse for missing my post on Friday. What can I say? I had it down on my list of things to do…..and I didn’t do it. I am sorry, although I’m sure none of you lost sleep over the fact that I missed a post. Not to make any of you sound rude or cold hearted or anything like that, but I now there are so many more exciting things that you all do with your Fridays. 🙂

So, I went camping this weekend, and despite the fact that I had a splitting migraine throughout the whole thing I had a lovely time because the views were phenomenal. I love camping, and I tend to find the places we go pretty and full of interesting things, but North Cascades National Park blew my mind. I don’t think I’ve seen anything so stunning in my entire life. I’d post pictures of what we saw, but alas, I am not the picture taker in my relationship and I can’t log into my husband’s computer to borrow the pics he took. Alas. Maybe another time I’ll get around to posting them.

Seriously, it was phenomenal. I don’t know if any of you live in a place where visiting the North Cascades National Park could be doable, but you should totally try and visit. You have to drive up a rather sketchy road that is required to be a two lane road (it is really the size of a one lane road), so if you don’t care for pulling over to the side of the road where there is a steep and long drop then you might want to go when it’s less busy, but don’t let that stop you. I certainly was clinging to the seat on the way up, and I was the one who kept having to peer over into the abyss.

I like camping because I don’t have to talk on my phone, I don’t have any real commitments to anyone, and I can sleep in. I also like that camping kind of forces you to go to bed when it gets dark. I am terrified of being out in the open when it’s dark so as soon as the sun starts to set I’m in the tent. I don’t mind staying up with a campfire if there are other people around, but I usually just go camping with my husband. I always feel fully rested when I go camping, and even if I take writing to work on I never feel bad if I don’t get anything done because I’ve been enjoying the outdoors.

I do always end up taking my beat up copy of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass with me to read. It always seems like the perfect reading material for camping.

Well, I’ve rambled a little… a lot. I’ve rambled a lot. Basically, go take a day hike there. It would be totally worth it. I want to go back before my time in Seattle comes to an end.

Have a great rest of your Monday, dear readers, and I’ll talk at you on Friday. 🙂

Why research is so important…and my struggles with it.

So, good afternoon to all of my readers. The main point of this post is to vent my frustration over the current research I’m compelled to do for my school work, so if that doesn’t float your boat you can ignore the rest of this post.


I’m doing research for a piece that I wrote during my residency at Goddard. It was only a page and a half, but my advisor liked it so much, and she thought that the themes I was touching on were compelling enough that I should consider working on it for my final thesis. That’s great considering I just started and it would give me a major head start. The problem I’m having it that I wrote it about an elderly Japanese man who had survived the bombing of Nagasaki. Although there are many accounts of the bombing, and several people have told their eye witness accounts I feel as thought I am unjustified writing about such a topic. I studied Japanese culture and history extensively in my undergrad so I would say I have a limited knowledge of custom, but I have no idea what it is like to be Japanese, or what it must be like being the survivor of such a horrific event.

I have loved the Japanese culture since early high school, so researching the basic facts is really quite enjoyable. I just feel like the least qualified person to write about such a topic. I’d like to see the idea through to some degree because I find it so compelling, but I don’t want to be unauthentic. Perhaps this will just turn into a side project for me, but my teacher was so encouraging that I think I’d feel bad if I let her down.

I find myself at a bit of crossroads, but since I still have some time before my work is to be mailed in I think I will just keep working on it until I feel that it has reached the end of it’s road.

That’s all. A side note, I decided that I would start doing something crafty just for my own personal gain, and I think I’m going to try water color, or something of the sort. I can’t paint worth a darn, but if I come up with something interesting I might start posting those here just for fun.

Anyhow, have a lovely day, dear readers.

We’re heading off to Victoria!

victoriaimage2-thumb-650x430-671Yep. We’re heading off on a weekend vacation. In all honestly, it’s because both of us were working on our anniversary so we figured we would take this weekend and go somewhere fun. We’ve been wanting to go up to B.C. for a while now, and it supposed to be lovely up there this weekend.

We’re taking a clipper up there, so that should be really fun. I just hope I don’t get sea sick on the ride up. Not quite sure what we’ll do up there. Probably take pictures. I am going to try all of the food I can get my hands on. I love food, and when I get the chance to go to new places trying local food is always one of my top priorities.

Maybe try to fit in some whale watching. I’m not sure if there is a certain season for that, but hopefully we’ll see some type of wildlife while we’re there.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend. I’m onto my next required reading for the semester. It’s Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee. I believe he passed away recently which is really a shame. He’s a very talented writer.

See ya!

I have returned with smarts!

So, arriving at Goddard after not having slept for two days because of the timing of my flights I found myself being rather apprehensive about the next ten days. How was I going to survive without my normal routine?! What about making friends? I was only going to be there for ten days, so I wasn’t very confident in my ability to make a solid connection with anyone in that amount of time.


My tactic for making friends is probably not the best. I am really friendly, and want to hang out, and then I start second guessing myself. Does this person actually like me? Am I being a total creeper asking if I can sit with them? Why does this feel so much like high school all over again? I am so nervous I am literally sweating like crazy. I hope they don’t notice. I think I’ll just leave and go hide in my room….


Surprisingly, I made quite a few friends during my ten days stint at Goddard. I now know that taking just a carry on was maybe too sparse a packing job. Although it was blazing hot there and we didn’t have air conditioning when I fly back in January I do have the comfort of knowing there are heaters in the dorms.

My fellow classmates are genius! I was so inundated with knowledge that my brain started removing unneeded information just to try and make room for all the stuff I was learning. When I was talking to my hubby asked me what I had had for dinner, and I honestly couldn’t remember because my brain didn’t think that was important information to keep around.

Safe to say I have come back inspired to work! I finally found a group of people that I can be a total nerd around when it comes to writing, and I don’t get the stare that makes me think I’ve grown an extra head.

In other news, I have been married one full year! Technically, the anniversary was on the 7th, and for all those people who think it’s the guy who forgets the date I may have needed a gentle reminder the morning of because I was preoccupied with reading The Goldfinch (fabulous book, by the way). So, happy anniversary to the most patient man I know, and I hope that he’s willing to put up with me for at least 75 more years!

Have a great rest of your day, dear readers! I should be back to posting on Fridays from this point onward!