I have returned with smarts!

So, arriving at Goddard after not having slept for two days because of the timing of my flights I found myself being rather apprehensive about the next ten days. How was I going to survive without my normal routine?! What about making friends? I was only going to be there for ten days, so I wasn’t very confident in my ability to make a solid connection with anyone in that amount of time.


My tactic for making friends is probably not the best. I am really friendly, and want to hang out, and then I start second guessing myself. Does this person actually like me? Am I being a total creeper asking if I can sit with them? Why does this feel so much like high school all over again? I am so nervous I am literally sweating like crazy. I hope they don’t notice. I think I’ll just leave and go hide in my room….


Surprisingly, I made quite a few friends during my ten days stint at Goddard. I now know that taking just a carry on was maybe too sparse a packing job. Although it was blazing hot there and we didn’t have air conditioning when I fly back in January I do have the comfort of knowing there are heaters in the dorms.

My fellow classmates are genius! I was so inundated with knowledge that my brain started removing unneeded information just to try and make room for all the stuff I was learning. When I was talking to my hubby asked me what I had had for dinner, and I honestly couldn’t remember because my brain didn’t think that was important information to keep around.

Safe to say I have come back inspired to work! I finally found a group of people that I can be a total nerd around when it comes to writing, and I don’t get the stare that makes me think I’ve grown an extra head.

In other news, I have been married one full year! Technically, the anniversary was on the 7th, and for all those people who think it’s the guy who forgets the date I may have needed a gentle reminder the morning of because I was preoccupied with reading The Goldfinch (fabulous book, by the way). So, happy anniversary to the most patient man I know, and I hope that he’s willing to put up with me for at least 75 more years!

Have a great rest of your day, dear readers! I should be back to posting on Fridays from this point onward!

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