Why research is so important…and my struggles with it.

So, good afternoon to all of my readers. The main point of this post is to vent my frustration over the current research I’m compelled to do for my school work, so if that doesn’t float your boat you can ignore the rest of this post.


I’m doing research for a piece that I wrote during my residency at Goddard. It was only a page and a half, but my advisor liked it so much, and she thought that the themes I was touching on were compelling enough that I should consider working on it for my final thesis. That’s great considering I just started and it would give me a major head start. The problem I’m having it that I wrote it about an elderly Japanese man who had survived the bombing of Nagasaki. Although there are many accounts of the bombing, and several people have told their eye witness accounts I feel as thought I am unjustified writing about such a topic. I studied Japanese culture and history extensively in my undergrad so I would say I have a limited knowledge of custom, but I have no idea what it is like to be Japanese, or what it must be like being the survivor of such a horrific event.

I have loved the Japanese culture since early high school, so researching the basic facts is really quite enjoyable. I just feel like the least qualified person to write about such a topic. I’d like to see the idea through to some degree because I find it so compelling, but I don’t want to be unauthentic. Perhaps this will just turn into a side project for me, but my teacher was so encouraging that I think I’d feel bad if I let her down.

I find myself at a bit of crossroads, but since I still have some time before my work is to be mailed in I think I will just keep working on it until I feel that it has reached the end of it’s road.

That’s all. A side note, I decided that I would start doing something crafty just for my own personal gain, and I think I’m going to try water color, or something of the sort. I can’t paint worth a darn, but if I come up with something interesting I might start posting those here just for fun.

Anyhow, have a lovely day, dear readers.

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