Big changes are comin’

So, I meant to post this last Friday, but school was being rather domineering.  I made some big changes recently, and although I’m still nervous, I think they will be better for me in the long run.
I quit my job at Starbucks. First major change right there. I just wasn’t happy with the new management, and I never felt satisfied when I was done working. That said, I have been searching for some entry level editing jobs, and one came through! I won’t start the majority of my work until after my semester is over in the next few weeks, but I’ll be doing some training in the mean time.
I just finally decided that I needed to take a leap of faith and try and make writing my real job. I’ve always wanted it to be my career, but I’ve never really had the guts to fully commit to that idea. Now felt like a good time to do so, even though I’m scared.
That’s the big news with me. It’s back to school work. It’s raining like crazy today, so it’s a perfect time to get some reading done.
Happy Friday! :3

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