Playing nursemaid

So, Hoshi is rather sick. According to the vet, who was kind enough to quell my panic attack, I did not get my dog sick. He did it all by himself.  I watch him like a hawk when we go outside because he likes to put everything in his mouth. Everything. It’s gross. But somehow, the sweet darling managed to ingest something without me seeing, and he’s been suffering from a bad stomach ache.

Now, he’s taking his medications and sleeping. I’m pretty sure I looked pretty crazy when I took him into the vet. I haven’t slept because he’s been needing to go outside a lot, and…well…I hadn’t had time to shower, so there’s that. I’m sure the vet’s office was thrilled to see my at their door right as they opened.

Luckily, he should be back to normal in a few days. You should have heard him when they took his temperature. Try and picture a 63 pound dog whine like a Chihuahua because he feels violated. It would have been hilarious if I wasn’t so worried. He’s only slightly pathetic.

At least I have some peace of mind now, and a whole pot of coffee should help me get through some work before I inadvertently fall asleep.

Happy Friday, dear readers.

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