Taking a break from posting.

So, the hubby and I are moving at the end of the month. We’re driving all the way to Texas, and I’m trying to stay open minded about the move. I’ve grown strangely attached to Seattle. I loved Colorado when I lived there, but Seattle is just special to me. Anyhow, with moving and not having a place to live yet, it will be hard enough to get school work done, so I won’t be posting until we get settled.

Maybe I’ll post pictures of our new place when we get unpacked. We were going to try and get a house on base, but the wait list is pretty long, so we might be living in an apartment again. We’ve found a few contenders, so as long as they don’t have breed or weight restrictions we’ll be fine. Hoshi turned eight months old at the beginning of this week. He’s just about 90 lbs, and he finally is starting to seem big to me. Up until this point I always saw him as small, but he’s bigger than most full grown German Shepherds. He is still a lap dog. I think he’ll always be a lap dog.

I hope everyone’s Friday is going well. I have to go try and write a paper. I’m not doing very well with it, and I’d love to just pretend it doesn’t exist. The book that I read for the paper is a brilliant book. It is Kazuo Ishiguro’s A Pale View of Hills. He also wrote Never Let Me Go. I’ve heard that it is fantastic, but I haven’t had a chance to read that one.

Anyhow, happy reading to everyone!

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