Going off grid…

So, for those of you who read this blog (mostly family. Hi mom. Hi dad.) you will know that hubby and I will be moving soon. A week and half to be precise, so I’m going to hold of on posts until we’re settled in our new abode. We’re hoping for a house with a yard, but we’ll have to see what the rental market is like in NC. We’ve heard good things. I’m keeping my mind open.

One thing I can say: Texas, you will not be missed. Your summers are too insanely hot for me, and although you’ve given us some great BBQ, I’m not sure that’s enough to make me stay. Or ever come back. I have no doubt that NC will bring it’s own share of challenges, but you can’t beat being on a few hours from the coast.

I might be posting small posts on my FB page (follow me there, if you haven’t!), but I’ll reserve posting here until we’re better settled.

Until then, happy reading.

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