Finally some quiet.

It’s reached a point in our moving/unpacking/getting our life reorganized that I finally have found the time to get back to my normal schedule.

I managed to get in a few writing sessions while on the road and as we waited for our stuff to arrive, but it finally feels good to actually return to my daily schedule.

Moving was fine, and we only managed to lose a cactus on our way across the country. The cactus seemed to collapse from the inside, and I’m not hopeful on it’s recovery. The fact that it was a $2 plant from Wal-Mart, and it survived for the year and half we were in Texas is good enough for me. I don’t have a green thumb, and I’m proud that it got that far.

We are going to try and grow some herbs while we’re here. I have the little pots on the window sill in the kitchen, and we’ll see if the seeds take. I’ve never tried to start anything from a seed. I’ve always just purchased a little starter plant, but we’ll see if I have any luck on my side.

I have yet to find a good writing area in our new house. I thought the kitchen table would work as it has in the past, but there aren’t any outlets nearby, and my little laptop doesn’t really hold a charge for long.

The hubby is building a coffee table now that we finally have a garage, and I’m thinking about building myself a desk. I grew up with my whole family doing carpentry work (mom and dad, both), so I feel pretty comfortable around any of the tools I would need. I just need to find a plan for a desk because I know I don’t trust myself with the measurements. Maybe that can be my weekend projects.

Other than that, nothing has really changed. I like Goldsboro way more than I thought, and the house we are renting is out in the country, which I like a lot because it reminds me more of my home in CO. The quiet is nice, and this way there aren’t people walking by window every hour of the day.

On a side note, I’ve started using Kindle Unlimited and for $10 a month I couldn’t be happier. I read so fast that I hate spending full price on books, so being able to read as many as I want, and then simply return them when I’m done is really nice. You only get to keep ten on your account at all times, but that’s not too bad, and the selection is pretty expansive.

Anyhow, have a lovely rest of your day, dear readers!

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