I do not write to escape

There are some people who write to escape the stresses of everyday life. I am not one.

Publishes authors, and even people who journal or write for a hobby sometimes say that writing is their way of escaping. It is where they turn when everything else seems to be too much.

I am not that way. I write to better understand the world around me because there are times that I often don’t know how I feel about a thing until I have written about it. I write because I often times need an unbiased slate on which to let my thoughts linger.

I do not write to escape. I write to contemplate, and I think that sometimes those two ideas get intermingled and confused. I want to get into the dark, dirty part of humanity that often hides, or is over simplified. To better understand why act the way they do I must become an unbiased observer, and I must observe everything around me. That’s part of being a writer.


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