Writing is not the most important thing.

This post is going to be short. Between Hurricane Irma threatening our power last week and an emergency with a sick family member this week, I wanted to do a friendly PSA: writing is important, but it is not the most important thing.

Life is going to get in the way, and you will know when it is more important than making your word count for the day.

If you friend needs a shoulder to cry on writing can wait.

If it seems like your relationship needs some extra TLC at the end of the day your writing can wait.

Don’t sacrifice the important moments in your life because you feel you must adhere to the schedule you have set for yourself. The writing will always be there. If the idea is important enough it will stick around.

As writers, we need to protect our writing time but don’t become such a zealot that your life passes you by while you were on your computer.

For that reason, I’m doing only a short post today.

On one other note: depending on what Hurricane Jose wants to do with himself, I might or might not have a post out next week. It’ll depend on a number of factors, but I’ll do my best to keep a regular schedule.



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