Are there any benefits to writing two stories at once?!

I know this post will be late, but I’ve spent the morning running around the house with the cable guy trying to figure out why our internet wasn’t working. It’s way outside my domain, but my hubby is pretty savvy, but he couldn’t figure it out, and of course, you have to wait around between 9-1 until they can get around to you.

Anyhow, the problem seems to be solved, thank heaven, and now I should be able to finally start responding to people, paying bills, and generally staying more in touch with the world without having to camp in the local branch of the library for hours on end. Don’t get me wrong, I love LOVE spending time in the library, but I swear I didn’t realize how frustrating it would be to go to the library just to try and get work done.

Everything is connected to the internet, so when you don’t have it the annoying factor sure starts to creep up. First world problems, I’m 100% aware of that, but trying to run a blog and a business is really hard when you don’t even have dial-up.

Back to writing, though, I’m thinking about trying to work on a secondary piece while I spruce up my current novel-in-progress. I feel like I get so pigeonholed about the work, whether it be editing, adding more, or changing around sentence structure, I feel like I’ve forgotten to write anything else other than this specific novel.

I just feel like I need something that breaks up the monotony of working on one piece constantly. The piece I have in mind is something that I’ve kept just as an idea for several months, and it is vastly different than my current work. I think it’s going to be in the first person, potentially set in a different time period, and be centered around a musician who plays the cello.

(If anyone knows anything first hand about the cello, I’d love for any basic information.)

I just think it’ll let me stretch out of the little box I’ve built myself into with my current work. I’m hoping it’ll let me see where I can branch out, where I can change up the writing, and maybe give me some more ideas about how to increase the length, which right now is pretty slim.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to make some progress before next Wednesday so I can give an update. I will say that I’ve been super distracted because the house is still a mess with trying to move in, and I have an insanely hard time concentrating when things are messy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and I’ll see you on Friday!!

One thought on “Are there any benefits to writing two stories at once?!

  1. Need a tidy house myself Sara! Yes, I think sometimes its good to take a break from the long term nature of a novel and write something else, a like a short story or two. I did that with my first novel which was a long haul. Currently ploughing my way to the end of the second, but I daren’t divert because there’s too much to keep in mind just now. However I have the first three chapters of another ready to go, which happens to be a theme I’m excited about as a reward to pick up again for finishing number 2. Good going and i hope you feel settled into your new home soon.

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