How Many Words A Day Keeps the Stress Away?

Heads up, because if you don’t want a ticket to the stress symposium you might want to tune out this week’s blog.

For those who are close to me, and I’m sure some of you have figured it out too, I tend to stress myself out. My work days are usually accompanied by at least one of two “waves” of stress. I don’t really know how else to describe what happens, and maybe some of you already know what I mean, but I’ll be working away and suddenly I’ll just be paralyzed with stress because of the things I have yet to do.

It doesn’t matter if it’s something very realistic (I need to pay the bills), or something completely bonkers (I wonder if the neighbors think I don’t work because my car is in the driveway all day). I actually worry about the second one way WAY more than I should. Frankly, it shouldn’t matter what the neighbors think of my car being in the driveway, but is my stress going to make me worry about it irrationally? You betcha.

Granted, I sometimes feel guilty that I get to work in sweatpants all day, but it’s really started to bother me that I constantly feel like I have something to prove to everyone because I work from home. I know that I’m not sitting around watching Netflix all day, but do they know it?

Before we moved I would try and get two thousand words a day minimum done on my book, and I told myself that that was the minimum.  I would feel terrible almost every day because I would rarely get that much done, and then I would beat myself up because I hadn’t done what I’d set out to do.

Now, instead of writing more each day I actually think I need to write less. Or at least set a lower word count that I know I can reach. I need to give myself time to decompress. Even if I stay at 750 words a day that’s still plenty of work done by the end of each week. Maybe now I won’t burn myself out every other week either.

I also think this will give me time to try and figure out how to manage the stress ball that I become. Last week I mentioned that I was going to start working on a second story, and I think that if I get 750 words in for each story I’ll be pretty golden. It’s not a race to finish, and I’m much more the turtle than the hare, and I need to learn that that’s ok.

It’s also been nice working on two stories at once because I’m pretty sure that the second one came to be because the first was so gritty. My longer piece, the one I’ve referenced before, is dark, doesn’t have a lot of humor, and it isn’t really like anything I’ve written before. Something like the picture below.timon-studler-216673.jpg

Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash







This new piece is quite different. It’s more of a “dramedy”, and it feels really good to be writing something different.


Photo by Vittorio Zamboni on Unsplash


Do any of you have suggestions about how to handle stress? Yoga and meditation are things I’ve tried, but they were too slow for my fidgety self. Leave your comments below!!!


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  1. sometimes a candle or incense can calm, but you already do that. take a walk. I like that you are working on different pieces as switching back and forth with some researching can give you a break. listen to music.

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