5 things about me that have nothing to do with writing

  1. I say I don’t have a caffeine addiction…but I do. I love coffee. I used to try and tell people that I could live without it, but I’m wrong. I can go without it if we’re camping or doing something where coffee isn’t readily available, and I don’t get the “withdrawal” symptoms that people talk about getting if they go off coffee. Still, I love the taste of it (I’m one of those people who drink it black), and I just find it really soothing to sit down with a cup of coffee when I’m relaxing.
  2. I grew up on a ranch. It wasn’t a big, sprawling ranch like you see in movies. It was small, but a wonderful place to grow up. Ranching stays in your blood, I think. I can be gone for a long time, but going back it’s like I never left in the first place. It isn’t quite the same as simply growing up with a lot of land. There is a great deal of responsibility that goes into taking care of livestock, especially during the winter, that I have the utmost respect for people who have big operations.
  3. One of my favorite places to be is the aquarium. I absolutely love going to the aquarium. I got to go to the Boston aquarium (fabulous), and I made my husband wait in line with me for over an hour to get tickets because I refused to be in Boston and not go. There’s something so soothing about watching fish swim around, and I love when tanks are set up to mimic the natural environment as closely as possible. I would often drive several hours to an aquarium when we lived in North Carolina because they had one particular fish that I just loved watching. I think my husband might have been a little worried about me 🙂
  4. Puns are my favorite type of joke.  Maybe because they’re a plan on words, but I absolutely adore puns. I have a mug with Edgar Allen Poe’s face on it with the line “Poe Me a Cup”, and it makes me chuckle every time I use it. Some people think puns are silly, and maybe that’s why I like them, but they never fail to make me smile on a bad day.
  5. One of my favorite things to do is make other people happy. I love making people happy. I don’t care if I have to do something I rather wouldn’t, if I know it’ll put a smile on a friend’s face, or make their day a little easier I’m going to do it. I also LOVE giving gifts. Christmas time is my jam, but if there is birthday coming up, or some type of celebration you bet I’m going to try and find the most awesome, sentimental gift that I can unearth. I also love making people happy by cooking for them. I hate cooking when I’m alone, and I often give that responsibility to the hubby, but when people are coming over you can bet that I have a veritable menu planned.


I’m also thinking of doing a Q&A for next week’s Wednesday post, so email your questions to me beforehand. It doesn’t have to be writing related, so if you’re wondering what my favorite ice cream is, that’s a fair question!!

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