How this high-tech notebook is helping me write.

I have always hated writing on the computer. I think I type faster than I can put a concrete sentence together, so more often than not I find my work faulty if I put the first draft directly into Scrivener. I have no problem editing on the computer because it is so much easier, and my only solution had been to hand write everything in a notebook and then type it all into the computer.

It was the only solution that I had, but it was tedious, and I often felt that I was wasting time to work this way because it does take more time. I also dreaded taking said time to put it on the computer. I’d already written the work on paper, and I knew that it read better than something I would have written on the computer, so why couldn’t it just transfer itself?

I was shopping online last weekend, and I came across this notebook by the brand Rocketbook. It’s reusable, and depending on the one you select you can microwave the pages to erase the writing, or, in my case, you wipe the pages down with a wet washcloth. But before you do that it has a QR scanner down on the bottom of the page that you use to scan the page of writing as a whole and it transfers it to your computer.

What?! Where has this been all my life?

You have to use a certain type of pen, but it comes with one, and they’re a brand found pretty much anywhere, so they’re reasonably priced.

You can scan the pages to a number of programs, but I send mine to OneNote, which also has an awesome feature that lets you convert your handwriting to text. Now, I knew it did this, but I’d never used it before.

It had trouble with cursive, so I’ve gone back to printing, and trying to make my handwriting as legible as possible.

It just relieves so much stress knowing that when I’m writing on the page I won’t have to waste a ton of time putting it into the computer. I just scan it in, convert to text, and then drop it into my Scrivener file.

There are still a few steps, but these take a few minutes versus the hours I would spend typing it into the computer.

I really, really love it, and I lets me take the time to write longhand, which I’m convinced it better for me, but then I can just move it over to edit it.

I don’t know if this will work for anyone else, but I just wanted to put it out there in case any of you are like me with regards to how you like to write.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to link any of their content, but the notebooks are by the brand Rocketbook, and I have the Everlast. I can’t remember what the other one is called, but I’ve really enjoyed this one so far.

(No, this isn’t sponsored, but thanks for thinking I’m cool enough to make something like that happen. I just really like this product.)


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